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Bali, at long last

It’s been over two months since we got back from Bali, and I’m only now posting photos. Why the delay? I have no good reason. A big ol’ gallery of photos awaits, but first a few panoramic ones that I stitched together. They will be more impressive if you click to see the full-size version.

Mount Batur, an active volcano near the northern coast of Bali.

Here’s a beautiful rice paddy we walked around for a few hours. Hiking along the hillside ridges is fun, but a bit treacherous.


And here’s a temple courtyard.


And here’s a larger gallery for your delectation. Click on any photo for a carousel-style gallery, or hover over a photo to see the caption. Coming soon: monkey video.



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Shanghai in 90 seconds

I continue my development into the next Werner Herzog with this, my latest ridiculous iMovie production.

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If you’re going to write about a trip to Shanghai, can you title it anything other than “Shanghaied!” (exclamation point required)? I mean, really. Not using that title would be as conspicuously resistant as using it is conspicuously obvious.

But anyway! We went to Shanghai last weekend and had a very fine time, despite temperatures hovering in the mid-30s. (That’s mid-30s Fahrenheit, mind you; we’ll expect mid-30s Celsius in Hong Kong in July.)

The first thing we noticed about Shanghai—and which we’d been warned about, but it was still alarming—was the thick brown haze hovering over the city. Here’s a view from the plane. Continue reading


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A short film

As promised/threatened in my last post, I offer for your enjoyment a short video of worshippers at Wong Tai Sin Temple. You will be shocked to learn that I made this all by myself. That ridiculous Chicago-to-Hong-Kong globe animation at the beginning? That took nearly 30 seconds of work in iMovie, 20 of which were devoted to deciding between the regular map and the old-timey map.

I note that Koyaanisqatsi came out in 1982, and Baraka in 1992. That means we’re 10 years overdue for a follow-up. Once I get, like, 90 more minutes of footage like this, I’m going to commission a minimalist soundtrack and go for it.


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Fortune-telling at Wong Tai Sin Temple

Another weekend, another trip to a religious site. Hooray!

Last weekend we took another short jaunt on the MTR to Wong Tai Sin temple (黃大仙祠), a very popular shrine just east of us [Wikipedia entry, official site]. We had originally planned to combine a visit here with our trip to Nan Lin Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery, but I’m glad we didn’t. There’s enough at each of these places to merit a trip of its own.

Main gate

So it’s pretty impressive just approaching, yeah. Continue reading

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