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Wolfberry and white fungus oatmeal

I just got back from our grocery store, where I was given this free sample of Quaker Instant Oatmeal.

I am a big fan of oatmeal in general. I have enjoyed many flavors through the years. Brown sugar and cinnamon. Blueberry. Plain. Margarita. Cool ranch.

But I have never tasted wolfberry and white fungus (neither separately nor together). I can’t wait.


Apparently wolfberry and white fungus soup is a local delicacy in Xi’an. Here’s a recipe.


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Greyhound comes to town

There’s a new restaurant under construction in our mall. It’s called Greyhound CafĂ©.

Two things about this are noteworthy.

  1. They will serve Thai food. I like.
  2. They have no problem with trademark infringement. Continue reading

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A private kitchen

Last night Cate and I ventured into the fascinating and awesome world of private kitchens.

A private kitchen is a restaurant that can’t call itself a restaurant. It can’t openly advertise, it can’t post a menu for passer-by to see; in fact it can’t, really, be openly visible to passer-by at all. They don’t even have official websites, relying instead on word of mouth and other means to get the word out. Because it’s not a restaurant, you see. It’s a private kitchen.

Private kitchens operate in a legal gray area. What usually happens is that some awesome (most of the time) chef and some partners buy a space (like an apartment) and turn it into a restaurant—errr, private kitchen. They’re not subject to governmental oversight because they’re not officially restaurants, and because they need to be mostly invisible, they’re typically in out-of-the-way places that are hard to find. That’s part of the appeal, of course. Continue reading


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