Bali, at long last

It’s been over two months since we got back from Bali, and I’m only now posting photos. Why the delay? I have no good reason. A big ol’ gallery of photos awaits, but first a few panoramic ones that I stitched together. They will be more impressive if you click to see the full-size version.

Mount Batur, an active volcano near the northern coast of Bali.

Here’s a beautiful rice paddy we walked around for a few hours. Hiking along the hillside ridges is fun, but a bit treacherous.


And here’s a temple courtyard.


And here’s a larger gallery for your delectation. Click on any photo for a carousel-style gallery, or hover over a photo to see the caption. Coming soon: monkey video.



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2 responses to “Bali, at long last

  1. Jeff Abell

    Thanks for posting these, Rob – i’ve been waiting for your Bali pictures to finally show up! As Chicago goes cold & gray, it’s great to have a vicarious trip to the most beautiful place on the planet.

  2. Matt Pickett

    Many of these photos are outstanding! Fine work, old bean!

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