Festivity under construction

What’s slowly being constructed under festive red wrapping in the middle of Our Mall?

I’m pretty sure there’s a rocket under here.

What’s this merry platform?

It’s hard to resist the temptation to run up those steps and start singing “Sleigh Ride.”

Might it have anything to do with these giant bedazzled jellyfish descending from the ceiling to spread glad tidings with their gingerbread-spiced nematocysts ?

Swarovski® presents their latest creation, the Portuguese Man o’ Solstice (Physalia diei natalis). If it stings you, you have to pour champagne-spiked eggnog on the wound to stop the stinging.

The music hasn’t started yet, but soon, friends. Soon.



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2 responses to “Festivity under construction

  1. Jeff Abell

    Oh dear…one of my best Christmas holidays was in Java, where the event was largely unrecognized (a couple of warungs had colored lights up) and the barrage of music and shopping just didn’t exist. Peace on earth indeed. You and Cate might want to consider Xmas in Yogyakarta….

  2. Christmas or not, your blog brings me great jo

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