Cambodia: Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, and other awesome things

So here, finally, are some photos of temples and other excellent stuff that we saw during our six days in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Siem Reap is about a 5- to 6-hour bus ride north of Phnom Penh or, if you’re really fancy like us, a short 40-minute flight on Angkor Air (Cambodia’s flag carrier!). Would you like to see a map? I will show you a map.

Angkor Wat—the most famous of the temples in the area, and for good reason—is but one of 200+ temples, so there’s lots of exploring to do. While most of the famous and most worthwhile temples are quite close together, they’re too far to walk to, so we did all of our exploring and traveling via tuk-tuk. Here’s a map of the major temple sites, in French as a nod to their still-visible colonial influence.

You can see that Siem Reap, where all of the hotels, bars, and other fun stuff is, is at the bottom center. Here are some shots in and around Siem Reap:

Here’s some of what we saw on the first day of temple-trekking:

And here’s some of what we saw on the second day.

And on subsequent days:


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