A couple of unrelated videos

So I’ve finally taken the time to upload some videos to YouTube. Whooppee.

First on the docket is this video of the cool back-of-the-seat info/entertainment center that Cathay Pacific provides. As if it weren’t obvious, this is the flight path from Chicago to Hong Kong, one of those nifty “over the top” polar routes. Yeah, I added the dopey airplane sound effect. It beats hearing all of the people around us, chattering as they try to find their seats and settle in.

Observant former Risk-players will note, about 5 seconds in, the appearance of the Kamchatka peninsula. Once you control Asia you get seven bonus armies, people.


Second is a compilation video I took of the Peak Tram. This is, amazingly, among my first forays into iMovie. Note the skillful use of the (default) crossfade transition.


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One response to “A couple of unrelated videos

  1. Jeff Abell

    You’ll start to love iMovie very quickly. Looking forward to the videos from Bali!

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